Estate Sales

Estate Sales or also known as Tag Sales, are a great way to sell the contents of a home in a quick and efficient manner.

Top Reasons to Work with ACM

– Free consultations.
– No upfront fees to you.  We get paid only after you get paid.
– We come to you.  We cover all of Metro Detroit and even the Toledo, Ohio area.
– Our advertising is done in newspapers, magazines, radio, mail and internet which gets more eyes on your items.
– We always treat you how we would want to be treated; with honesty, integrity and kindness.

Here’s a couple more reasons why you should hire ACM to conduct your sale

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– Sometimes going through the contents of a loved one’s home or personal items can be a difficult and emotional task.  That’s why ACM handles all consultations and sales with the kindness and caring that we would treat our own families with.

– We have an extensive list of buyers and know how to market each sale to achieve its full potential.

– ACM has many years of knowledge in many different types of items.  This allows us to price all items for their full market value.  On items we are unsure of, we have a vast library of experts to help us evaluate and price items.

The Estate Sale Process

– You contact us and schedule your free, in home, no hassle consultation.  At the consultation, we come and assess the items in the home.  From there we let you know if there are enough items to warrant conducting an estate sale.  If there are not enough items, we will talk with you about other alternative options that we can offer.

– We will then determine the best dates to conduct the sale taking into account any time constraints the estate may be under.  After we determine the dates of the sale, we will then present you with our contract.  You are free to take this contract so you may show it to and discuss with any other executors or your lawyer.  Once we have received a copy of the contract back we will then need to get a copy of the house key.  We may also use a lockbox on the home if there is one.

– As soon as we have a signed contract, we will begin the advertising process of the sale.  We advertise all the way until the sale is over.  Our advertising process includes: newspapers, magazines, mailers, our email list, our text message list, internet, signage in the area and more.  We also will pull any necessary permits from the city.

ACM Estate Sales– Then ACM will come into the home and begin the sorting and pricing.  We will go through all the items in the home and separate the items that are worth selling from the items that are worth discarding.  We will set aside any items we believe may be important to the family (such as photos, keepsakes, items with a person’s name it, personal paperwork, etc)  We will also price the items competitively to bring top dollar for the items but also to make sure everyone leaves the sale happy.

– The day before the sale, we will come and do our final preparations.  These involve hanging signs in the home (enter, exit, no smoking, etc) clearing any debris or snow in the walk ways up to the home, setting up our register table, putting signage in the yard and making sure everything is ready for the sale.

– We will then conduct the sale.  Sales can range anywhere from 1 day up to a week, depending on the contents and nature of the home.  During the sale our staff will be walking around the home assisting customers with questions and taking merchandise to the checkout for them.  We find that interacting with the customers helps lead to more sales and an overall more friendly experience.

– When the sale is completed, we will then discuss with you what to do with the remaining items.  Some of the options we can offer are: sell more valuable items in our auction or through one of other sales channels, donate the items, throw away remaining items or have us haul away for a fee.

– After all the contents of the home are removed we can then go in and do a full cleaning of the home.  This would include: cleaning of carpets, window cleaning, wiping down of all cabinets and surfaces, cleaning fixtures and other appliances and more.

– Within 5 days of the final cleanout, ACM will issue you a check for the proceeds of the sale, minus our fees.  We will also provide you with a list of items that were sold during the sale.

– What separates ACM from the rest is if there is a need to sell the home, we can help.  We work with many investors and realtors that can help to market the home or purchase it outright.