I live out of state, how can I get my items to you if I wanted to auction them or sell them?auctions, detroit, toledo, windsor, michigan, ohio, canada, pawn
-We allow shipping of items to our warehouse.  Please contact us first before sending any items to us.

How soon after the auction ends and my items sell, will I be paid?
-We pay our consignors within 10 days of the auction ending and us receiving payment from the buyer.  If there are any issues with the payment, we will contact you immediately.

If I sell an item to you outright, how do I get paid?
-ACM Auctions can pay you by bank deposit or check.  We will ask you when we submit our offer to you.

Someone told me my item was worth a certain amount of money, do you guarantee I’ll get that much?
-Due to the nature of auctions, we cannot guarantee prices.  In certain situations we will allow for reserves.  Auctions are a great way to get fair market value for your items.

I have some items I want to consign or believe have value, what do I do?
-At the top of our page is a link that says Contact Us.  You can submit a description & photos of your items right on our website.  For a faster response, you can always call us at 734-775-0227.

What types of payments do you accept?
-We accept cash or credit.  (Certain situations we will accept certified checks or wire transfers.  Please contact us first for approval)

If my item doesn’t sell, what do I do?
-If your item doesn’t sell at the first auction, we can always run it through a 2nd auction for you.  There is a fee though for items that does not sell at auction.  Also, for any items that you do not want to auction off again, a storage fee may be incurred if not picked up within the allotted time according to the consignor’s agreement.

I’m not a tech savvy person, is there any other ways to bid other than online?
-You can always call us directly and we can walk you through the process of registering online.  If this doesn’t work for you, we can always take bids by phone or fax.

Do you charge the same commission for every single item, small or large?
-Our commission is based off the value of the item, if we need to do any work or cleaning of the item and the type of item.  For instance, if you were to auction a vehicle off with us, your commission rate would be lower than if you were to auction off a laptop.

Have a question we haven’t answered?  Then please use our Contact Us page or call us directly at 734-775-0227.