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Sometimes we have items or a collection that we no longer want or that is taking up to much space.  Many people ponder what to do with those items.  They try to give them to family members, but most family members just don’t have the same passion for those items.  They try to sell the items themselves, but can’t seem to find the right buyers.  So what’s a person to do with these items?  Let ACM auction them off for you.  We are the best place for online auctions in Michigan.  We are more than just an auction house, we are a company that cares and a company that works to get you top dollar for your items.  We treat all of our buyers and sellers with the same kindness, integrity and sincerity that we would treat our own family with.

When getting rid of items, there can be an emotional attachment to these items.  We understand this and that’s why we workmichigan online auctions with you and do anything and everything we can to make the process easier.  ACM always strives to connect your items with a buyer that cares and shows the same passion about the items that you did.  We also want to make sure you get a great price for your items while also making sure our buyers leave satisfied and happy.  Connecting collectors together is something that we love to do.

So what’s the biggest difference between a traditional auction house and one mainly focused online?  More buyers!  Don’t get me wrong, we conduct local auctions only, but mainly focus on Online Timed Auctions.  We are the best Michigan Online Auctions House around.  ACM makes sure that buyers know about your items.  We advertise not only online, but also in radio, magazines, newspapers, email, signage and many other forms.  Also, we will advertise your items to specific groups of people who are interested in your specific items.  Most online auctions in Michigan only advertise to the general public, but they don’t target specific groups like we do.

If you’re a buyer and wondering if ACM can offer the type of items you’re looking for, well you’re in luck because we can.  ACM has an extensive list of sellers and collectors and strive to bring the best of the best to the online auction world.  If there are certain items you are looking for, ACM offers a finders program where we will go out and find the item or items you’re looking for.  This is just one of the things that sets us apart and makes us the best Michigan Online Auctions company.

So please browse around our site ACM Auctions & Estate Sales and look at all the other great information we have to offer.  Make sure to check out our Current Auctions & Upcoming Auctions.  Have an item or entire collection that you want to consign, check out our Consign Your Item page on our website.  Thanks again for reading this and choosing ACM as your Michigan Online Auctions company.