Below are just some of the services that we offer:


  • We conduct mostly online timed auctions.  This is the traditional auction format for online.  What this means is our auctions end on a certain date and time and you have till that date and time to place your bids.  ACM also conducts local auctions if that is the best route for the items.  We even setup and help run fundraisers and charity auctions.

Estate SalesACM Services

  • ACM Auctions sets up and conducts estate sales. From small homes to large estates, we can have the professionals to handle any home.

Auction Consignment Cash Advances

  • We understand that sometimes you need to get your money quicker. That’s why ACM offers cash advancements based off the value of your items. We give you part of the proceeds from the auction, up front (fees and limits do apply).

Gold Buying Events or Parties

  • We will come to your business or home and setup a gold buying event. We are very knowledge in gold and silver. We split the proceeds with you from everything that is purchased.

Vehicle Detailing or Minor Restoration

  • If you have a vehicle you’re wanting to auction, having the vehicle clean and in good working condition always bring a higher value. ACM will help you prepare your car for sale, to help get you top dollar.

Pickup/Delivery Service

  • ACM will come to you to pickup your items that your wanting to auction or sell. We also will drop your items off that you purchase from our auctions (fees do apply and only within a limited radius from our location).

Business/Personal Asset Liquidation

  • We can help liquidate business or personal assets fast!  From just a couple items to entire warehouses, ACM can handle it all.  We even offer expedited service if their is a situation where the items must be liquidated quickly.

Item Hunting

  • If there’s a certain item you’ve been looking for, then ACM can help you find it.  With our extensive list of buyers, sellers, collectors, dealers, hobbyist & more, we can help you find that treasure you’ve been looking for.